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Last version of Gerzat genealogy - by Contact 21.08.2020 00:00

A new update of Gerzat's genealogic files is dated Aug 21 2020

The statements are exhaustive up to year 1850 included. Be still careful that a lot of family names spelling have been corrected 

Statements begin in 1569.

The statements are exhaustive for these years, (for birth and marriages acts), but pay attention, some registers are missing both in the Archives Départementales and in town hall.

These exhaustive and available years are the following:

- from 6/4/1569 till 5/1/1570

- from 6/5/1599 till 6/5/1607

- 1 marriage on 2/6/1611

- 1 marriage on 4/26/1616

- from 7/8/1628 till 5/27/1633

- from 6/14/1633 till 12/29/1740

Many Last name are made ot two parts. It is not a Last name followed by a location name. I found the explanation with a person named


Very simply, BEGON was the Last name of the father, and MICHELLON was the Last name of the mother! It was a simple solution to know what family branch a person came from.

Good works.