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Gerzat Genealogy

Welcome on the Gerzat city genealogy Web site

Beneath help of the State-Civil service from Gerzat city Hall, the ancient BMS acts of the city, have been scanned and listed in an online chart that you can consult here by clicking the left menu on "Search BMS acts".

Then, using a genealogical program, each birth, each marriage, each death, has been registered in a Gedcom standard file, that has been converted in a Individual and Families files, plus some accessories files allowing to decrease search time.

In the left menu there are also 4 other links,

The Gerzat Genealogy link allows to search either by lastname or by place name and get as result, either the genealogy tree of a person, either the list of places where a lastname is present, or the list of lastnames that are present in a place.

The Antoinette Begon genealogy link, leads to a page that explains briefly the relations between Gerzat and the mother of Blaise Pascal, plus her genealogy.

The Past Demography link, allows to display periods of 50 years long with for each of them, the numbers of births, marriages, deaths that occur in the period, and also the estimated number of inhabitants in the city for each period, got by adding: the number of births, the number of spouses married in Gerzat but not born there, and also the number of people who died in the city without being born in the city, the sum of which we substract half of the number of people born in the city but died elsewhere (the second half being substracted in the next period!)

Then, the link Shared Genealogy, allows for an authorized genealogists club, to update the genealogy of Gerzat inhabitants, beneath a specific program inlcuded in the Web site.

Enjoy your searches.